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A Loyal Assassin

19 September
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[character name]: Cassian
[series]: Godchild
[player eljay]: lysoke
[messenger]: lysoke
[e-mail]: shapres@yahoo.com

I've pulled Cassian from post volume 8 (of course this means little to no icon fun)

Aaaannd all ownership/copyrights go to Kaori Yuki.
Everything about this journal is fanservice fanmade

Also, for anyone curious: I do ship Cassian with Jezebel, but that doesn't mean that's all I'm open too, nor does it mean I can't 'walk the line' between shipping and platonic, I'm open to both.

Some tl;dr for you if you want to know what makes him tick:

Due to Cassian’s history, he has a severe distrust of people and always expects the worst from them. He has no tolerance for those who consider themselves “higher” then others and has a total disregard for social ranking. Since he grew up in a society that turned it’s back on him, he’s really given up on the entire system, and prefers a life in the shadows.

Although it’s true he has no interest in anyone, and generally holds no respect for others, it is unfair to say Cassian is heartless. There are some cases where Cassian has been proven wrong about a person and does develop respect for them. It’s a rare occurrence, but there are times when someone will push into his heart and that person will remain extremely important to him. These people and relationships he becomes very protective of and would do anything for them.

When Cassian is faced with an issue or a problem he needs to solve, he’ll focus on it and do everything in his power to fix/solve it. However, the one thing he won’t do is ask for help. His pride is the only thing he had left to hold on to when he was rejected by society, s it still plays a big part in his actions and decisions. If he is faced with a problem he can’t solve, the only thing he’d do is ask advice, and even then only from someone who he trusts.