//Private Video to Jezebel//
[It takes him a while to actually make the call, mainly cause he didn't quite believe what he was feeling and wanted to check and make sure he wasn't imagining it. But it was there, a heartbeart and he could feel his body slowly warming up to a temperature normal for a human being.

But why?]

Doctor? I...think..I have some news.
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Don't go
//Filtered to Jezebel//

Doctor. I need to meet with you.

[OOC: BB, I'm going to be delayed on tags till later ;; <3]

//Filtered to Eagle//


...I need to talk to you about something....

//End Filter//
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[Although this is not Cassian's memory, the man in the room with Jezebel does look a hell of a lot like him; if Cass had longer hair and had an air of cruelty about him.]

Scuzzy-bastard strikes again.Collapse )

[Accidental Video]
Oh Really?
[It's dark when the video turns on, the only light coming from the open window. The available light illuminates a man with long ash-blonde hair being held by another man with much darker hair.

However, this is not a loving embrace, the man being held is clearly not supporting his own weight. After a moment, the taller man removes his mouth from his victim's neck and the blonde is dropped, unceremoniously on the ground.]

...heh...I told you not to get too close....I like my personal space.

[He runs a hand across his mouth and glances over at the device, a small smirk growing in response.]

Ah, an audience. Luckily, I'm in a much better mood now, I don't think any extra 'annoyances' will need to be taken care of.

[OOC: Yes, that was Cassian's not!husband, Jezebel, that he just killed, and Vamp!Cass doesn't care~ right now]

[Audio....somewhat intentional]
[There's silence at first, only the sound of someone picking up the device and messing with it a bit before a sigh can be heard.]

Nearly a week... at least there's some good from this.

Stupid thing......

[Taking advantage of the device already being on, he changes the broadcast slightly.]

//Filtered away from Alexis//

I get the feeling I've missed something. What's happened in the last week?

[OOC: Early de-hiatus for Cass. He's legit interested in what's going on in The City...he just doesn't want to hear it from Alexis.]

Voice / Action
On the Phone
//Filtered to Eagle//

Are you all right? I had a question for you, whenever you have time.

//End Filter//

[Have a knocking at your lab's door, Jezebel, no other warning than that.]

I&#39;m here
//Filtered to the Deities//

I hear you're the ones I have to go to ask for some sort of deal. I don't really know if you're actually gods or just really powerful people, but there's something I have to ask for....some help, I guess.

One of your 'curses' got me stuck with a vampire named Rido Kuran and ever since then he's been under some impression that I have a debt to him. I've been stuck with him for nearly four months....now I need to leave. Is there something you can do for me or am I just wasting my breath?

[Voice, later action
Dark look
//Filtered to Rido//

If you're around, I need to talk to you.

[ Accidental Video]
[Cassian appears with a cheery smile and a headband on his head, if one were to look closely they may also notice he's wearing something very different from his usual outfit as well as a set of probably fake pearls around his neck.

What is he doing looking all pretty and dressed up? Cleaning, of course, what else would you expect from a 50's housewife? And, a real shocker, he's smiling as if there's nothing else in the world he'd rather be doing. Isn't the world great?!]</small>

[OOC: I was not able to resist temptation. Have a cheery 50's housewife-Cassian, City, be entertained.]


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